Earthbound Cup of Lifenoodles: Bringing Retro Gaming Magic to Reality

Hobonichi has announced the upcoming release of the Cup of Lifenoodles from the Earthbound series in the physical world. Scheduled for August 2024, individuals will have the opportunity to savor the dish known for its ability to fully restore unconscious characters within the game series.


Featured in both Earthbound and Mother 3, the Cup of Lifenoodles serves as a crucial item for players to revive fallen characters to optimal health and remedy various status ailments. Dubbed “Inochi no Udon” (Udon of Life) in its original Japanese iteration, this product will showcase udon noodles sourced from Japan’s Gunma prefecture by Hobonichi.


While specific details such as pricing and global availability remain undisclosed, Hobonichi‘s recent tweet announcement did provide an overview of the package contents, which include two udon noodle packages and a coaster mat.



The real-world rendition of the Cup of Lifenoodles from the beloved Earthbound series is set for launch in August 2024. Rooted in the iconic in-game item found in Earthbound and Mother 3, enthusiasts can enjoy the entire Earthbound series on the Nintendo Switch through its Online subscription service, whereas Mother 3 remains solely available in Japan due to existing localization challenges.

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