Konami Renews Trademark For Axelay, A top SNES Shoot ‘Em Up Game

Axelay snes

The SNES didn’t have as many great shmups as other consoles like the Mega Drive and PC Engine, but it did have standout titles like Axelay. Axelay, released in 1992 and developed by future Treasure members, showed off the SNES‘ power with impressive visuals and arcade-like sound.


Konami has recently renewed their trademark for Axelay, a popular shoot ’em up game originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This indicates that Konami may have plans to either re-release the game or create new content related to Axelay in the future. Axelay is well-known for its fast-paced gameplay and challenging levels, making it a beloved title among fans of the shoot ’em up genre



Companies frequently renew trademarks, so it is important not to get overly excited at the news. However, there is some speculation that a new Axelay game may be in the works as Konami has also renewed trademarks for Parodius and Xexex. Fans of these franchises are hopeful that this could signal the development of new games in the future.


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