Lakka 5.0, the retro gaming OS based on Linux, is out now with the latest LibreELEC and RetroArch updates.

Lakka 5.0 is out now, featuring updates for a better retro gaming experience. It’s based on LibreELEC 11.0 and has a newer, smoother RetroArch 1.17.0 interface. New cores like dirksimple, dosbox-core, and ep128emu allow you to play a variety of old games and simulate classic computers. More cores such as geolith, jaxe, and numero are also included to improve gaming and simulations. With Mesa 24.0.4, the graphics are better, and it supports new hardware like the Raspberry Pi 5 and Raspberry Pi Zero 2. There’s even a fresh theme called Retrorama for the XMB interface. This Lakka update is great for any retro gamer looking for a fun, nostalgic experience.

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