A Fan Made Voiceover For Chrono Trigger Revives The Beloved Characters Of The Iconic RPG

Project: Green Dream is a fan-driven initiative revitalizing the iconic RPG Chrono Trigger with a fandub featuring unique voices for well-loved characters like Crono, Marle, and Frog. The project, led by YouTuber Katie Retondo, aims to pay tribute to this beloved game by adding a fresh layer of voice acting. David Giltinan and Nirosmir are also involved in directing, editing, and enhancing visuals for the fandub.


Fans can participate by voicing NPC characters and can contact Katie Retondo on Twitter for more information. While the fandub is currently a cinematic experience, Retondo hints at the possibility of a future game mod, although she acknowledges the challenges that come with that endeavor due to their lack of experience in that area. Excitement is high as the trailer for the first episode is released, building anticipation for the upcoming release.


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