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 I’m Mubarak AlSabah, born in ‘87 and a huge fan of retro games. I’ve been into gaming since ‘93, which pretty much makes it a lifelong thing for me. Collecting old-school games is my jam, and I’ve got a pretty cool stash that takes you right back in time. Besides gaming, I hit the books and snagged a Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Colorado Boulder. Mixing my love for games with a bit of business savvy, that’s me in a nutshell.

Established in 2024, is a dedicated website for fans of retro gaming.

It offers not only the latest updates on classic games but also provides comprehensive news about modding and game collecting.

This website serves as a vibrant hub for enthusiasts looking to stay informed on all aspects of retro gaming culture.

Why Retro News ?

I’m the proud owner of over 830 premium domain names, a hobby that’s as much a part of me as my love for collecting retro games. This quirky passion of mine kicked off back in ‘97, blending the digital world of domains with the nostalgic universe of gaming. And now, there’s – it’s not just another domain in my collection; it’s a special piece that brings everything full circle. is where my two worlds collide, wrapping up my journey through games and domains in the most perfect way. It’s the cherry on top of my collection, uniting my love for all things retro with my knack for snagging some pretty awesome domain names.

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