A Gamer Found a New Move Called ‘Bonking’ In Mario Kart DS, 20 Years After It Came Out

Mario Kart DS trick shortcut

A new trick known as ‘bonking‘ was discovered by a gamer in Mario Kart DS, two decades after the game’s launch. This technique allows players to shave off 6 seconds per lap on the Waluigi Pinball track by aligning with a rail on a specific track section and using a boost to hop over a barrier, leading to a shortcut to the lower track section. By utilizing this ‘bonking‘ trick, players can skip a large portion of the track that was previously included in world records, resulting in faster lap times.


The old record time for this track was just below 39 seconds, but with the use of this shortcut, players can now achieve times as low as 32 seconds.


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