A Modder Creates The Ultimate Version of the PSP

A PlayStation hardware Modder has created the ultimate version of the Sony PSP, The PSP released in December 2004. The PSP made a significant impact on the handheld gaming industry with its superior processing capabilities, wide-screen display, attractive design, and enhanced controls.


The device boasted an impressive library of games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Macho Nacho Productions has now introduced a kit with desirable modifications, including a brighter IPS screen and HDMI output. However, these enhancements require significant modifications to the PSP’s internal components, such as removing the UMD disc drive and using custom firmware with a MicroSD card for storage. While these upgrades may be appealing to PSP fans, they come with risks and the need for skilled soldering. Nevertheless, the ‘ultimatePSP serves as a testament to the creativity of modders and shows how even older devices can be revamped for a more contemporary gaming experience.


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