After 24 Years, The Secret Code To Change Quickie’s Color In Tales of Eternia Has Been Discovered

Tales of the Rays Twitter account released a secret code enabling players to change Quickie‘s color in the PS version of Tales of Eternia. The code, turning Quickie yellow, was disclosed by a game developer. To apply the code, players need to access Tales of Eternia‘s menu, choose custom, and adjust Quickie‘s color to Red 254, Green 254, Blue 54. It remains uncertain if other color variations are possible with this code.


The revelation of this long-lost code, kept hidden for 24 years since the game’s 2000 debut, has generated player curiosity. Tales of Eternia narrates Reid Hershel‘s journey to avert the Grand Fall catastrophe. Quickie, a character resembling a blend of squirrel and rabbit, acts as the game’s mascot. Originally known as Tales of Destiny 2 in North America, the game is exclusive to PlayStation consoles.


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