Arcade Archives Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with an Exclusive Event

On the 18th of May, there will take place an event orchestrated by Hamster Corporation in Japan, specifically in Setagaya, Tokyo, at Futako Tamagawa Rise Hall. This occasion marks the tenth anniversary of the company’s Arcade Archives initiative. The inception of Arcade Archives occurred in May of 2014, initiated by the deployment of emulated versions of classic arcade titles such as “Crazy Climber,” “Ninja-Kid,” and “Rygar” on the PlayStation 4. The collection has expanded to encompass in excess of 400 titles emanating from over 20 distinct arcade manufacturers. Moreover, this endeavor has achieved the distinction of establishing a Guinness World Record for its unparalleled consistency in releasing a new game weekly for a period exceeding 366 weeks.

To commemorate this decade-long journey, the event will admit 200 attendees selected via a random draw. Prospective participants may submit their applications by email from March 28th through April 11th. Additionally, Hamster Corporation will extend the celebration by streaming the event live on its YouTube channel.

The anniversary will also feature an award ceremony, the results of which hinge on community input. Voting is open from March 28th to April 11th, allowing players to nominate their preferred titles from the 18 released in 2014 and the 51 released in 2023. Hamster Corporation will honor the game that garners the highest amalgamation of community votes and unit sales as “Game of the Year (2014 or 2023).” The next two titles with the most votes will be recognized with a “User’s Choice Award.”

Details regarding the voting process will be disseminated shortly on Hamster’s official Twitter account.

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