Atari announces ‘Neosprint’, the reboot of the Sprint IP. It will be released on consoles and PC this summer


Rev your engines as Atari is thrilled to announce today that NeoSprint, the adrenaline-pumping multiplayer racing game, is gearing up for its launch on PC and consoles in the summer of 2024. Featuring a variety of game modes, customizable racetracks, upgradable cars, and eight-player local multiplayer, NeoSprint brings back the thrill of single-screen arcade racing.



With NeoSprint, Atari revisits the classic single-screen racing format that gained initial popularity in the 1970s with the Sprint arcade series. NeoSprint enhances the single-screen formula with modern features, including a rich, colorful 3D isometric presentation, upgradable vehicles, a track builder, and the opportunity to compete against top player times from around the globe.


Atari Sprint



“NeoSprint does an incredible job of bringing back the fun of single-screen cooperative racing, while adding in more modern elements of a racing simulator,” said Waid Rosen, President and CEO of Atari. “With its intense cooperative chaos, NeoSprint is a welcome addition to the Sprint Series lineage.”



Key Features Include:


  • Track Builder: Create and share your dream racetracks with the NeoSprint player community. Design tracks with jumps and curves up to three levels high across three different biomes. Share your best layouts and ready yourself to compete for the fastest time.

  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Get ready for fun-filled arcade-style chaos as you race against up to seven other players. Friendships will be tested, and rivalries will spark.

  • It’s a Race: Progress through your racing career in the single-player Campaign mode as you compete in multiple Racing Cups with increasingly challenging tracks. As you progress, unlock new car decorations and designs.

  • Race Your Way: Hone your driving skills in obstacle course and time trial racing challenges, then move on to compete in Campaign and Grand Prix modes. There is an abundance of racing content for every kind of player.

  • Customizable Cars: Choose from nine different car types, ranging from sports vehicles to muscle cars, each with unique speed, acceleration, and handling. Customize each car with Atari-themed colors and decals. Create your dream vehicle and hit the track!


NeoSprint has been in early access on Atari VCS since October 2023. Atari and developer Headless Chicken Games have used feedback from the VCS community to fine-tune the title ahead of its release to PC and consoles.


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