Audacity Games Announced Alien Abduction! On a Physical Atari 2600 Game Cartridge

Alien Abduction!

Audacity Games, founded by David Crane, co-founder of Activision, along with designers Garry and Dan Kitchen, announced their plans on Twitter to release physical editions of John Van Ryzin’s latest game, Alien Abduction!, for the Atari 2600. Van Ryzin, known for designing Activision’s H.E.R.O, took a break from the gaming industry in the ‘90s after working at Absolute Entertainment and Imagineering on various platforms. However, his surprise release of Alien Abduction! last year marked a return to the genre he helped establish. Previously available only through digital distribution on the Atari VCS, fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming cartridge release from Audacity Games.


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