Bitmap Books Will Release Their New Book, Titled “Run ‘n’ Gun: A Guide To On-foot Shooters,” in July

UK publisher Bitmap Books has announced their latest project, Run ‘n’ Gun: A Guide To On-foot Shooters, focusing on classic run n gun shooters  like Contra and Metal Slug. The book, written by Dave Cook, explores the genre closely related to traditional shoot-’em-ups. Following the success of Cook’s previous work with Bitmap Books on Go Straight, the development of this new release has been confirmed, with enticing images shared on social media. More details are set to be revealed next month, leading up to a planned book launch in early July.


Bitmap Books, known for publications like N64: A Visual Compendium and PC Engine Box Art Collection, has a strong lineup of previous releases. Stay tuned for updates on Run ‘n’ Gun: A Guide To On-foot Shooters.


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