Capcom Social Media Teases Dino Crisis Revival

Capcom‘s recent social media presence has raised hope among fans for the anticipated revival of the Dino Crisis series. A post showcasing a clawed foot reminiscent of the survival horror franchise elicited enthusiastic reactions from eager players anticipating its potential return.


Originating in 1999, Dino Crisis is a cherished PS1 survival horror series by Capcom, recognized for merging horror and action-adventure elements in a research facility infested with dinosaurs. Fans have been clamoring for a reboot or new release, and Capcom‘s teaser image, together with Dino Crisis‘ presence in the Capcom Super Election survey, has fueled speculation about a potential resurgence. Although no official announcement has been issued, the substantial demand and fan anticipation suggest a Dino Crisis comeback may be on the horizon, whether through a fresh installment or a remake.


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