Emeraldia by Namco Set For Release on April 18th First Home Port Since the 2009 Wii Virtual Console Edition

Emeraldia" by Namco Set for Release on April 18th. First Home Port Since the 2009 Wii Virtual Console Edition



Hamster Corporation recently announced during a livestream that the classic Namco puzzle game, Emeraldia, is scheduled to be released on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 on April 18th, according to reports from Famitsu. Originally launched in 1992, Emeraldia made its debut on Namco’s NA-1 hardware, which also supported other titles like Exvania, Cosmo Gang The Puzzle, and Super World Court.


The game received an exclusive re-release in Japan on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console in 2009. In Emeraldia, players must match blocks by color to clear the playfield and can select from three different modes: adventure, normal, and versus.



Emeraldia by Namco was a pioneering puzzle game in the early ‘90s arcade scene, showcasing the company’s innovative spirit. It captivated players with its strategic gameplay involving dropping clusters of colored blocks to prevent a descending ceiling from squashing the board.


This blend of strategy and precision was both nostalgic and groundbreaking, reminiscent of the golden age of puzzle games. Beyond its gameplay, Emeraldia charmed players with vibrant graphics and a catchy soundtrack that enhanced the frantic block-dropping action.


As a classic from Namco’s arcade history, Emeraldia remains a memorable experience for both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike, highlighting the enduring appeal of a well-crafted puzzle challenge in the evolution of arcade entertainment.


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