Five Games That Desperately Need a Remake

Many of these beloved games stole our hearts from the first playthrough, and it’s become clear that a few of them are really calling out for a modern makeover. While several remain fantastic just as they are, others would greatly benefit from a fresh spin on their gameplay and narratives.

Skies of Arcadia Legends

Credit: SEGA

Skies of Arcadia,” affectionately called “Eternal Arcadia” by its Japanese fans, was brought to life by SEGA. It first graced the Dreamcast in 2000, providing a vibrant adventure in the skies. Later, GameCube players were treated to an enhanced version, packed with extra goodies! Imagine the magic we’d see with a modern remake or even an HD remaster—such a treat would definitely breathe new life into this cherished classic!


Credit: Square Enix

Originally created by Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix) back in 1998, Xenogears is such a classic that truly deserves a modern remake, especially to flesh out Disc 2. As fans might recall, that part of the game really skimmed over what could have been expansive gameplay, opting instead to tell us the story with only a few dungeons thrown in. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see it fully realized with today’s technology?

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Credit: Konami

Konami introduced the Metroidvania-style with Castlevania Symphony of the Night in 1997. Updating this game with modern graphics and new features would be awesome.

Brave Fencer Musashi

Credit: Square Enix

The delightful gem “Brave Fencer Musashi,” developed by Squaresoft (which has since evolved into Square Enix) back in 1998, offers a thoroughly enjoyable adventure from start to finish that holds up even to this day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a revamped remake or at the very least, an HD remaster complete with some extra goodies!

Chrono Trigger

Credit: Square Enix

Chrono Trigger, created by Squaresoft in the glorious year of 1995, hardly requires an introduction—it’s a true jewel in the RPG crown! Plus, when the game got a re-release for the Nintendo DS, they treated us to two fabulous extra scenarios. Honestly, it’s no wonder this gem is often at the top of the list for most desired remakes.

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