Fix SNES Video Quality | Edge-Enhancer & 2CHIP RGB Bypass Mods

The SNES Edge-Enhancer and 2CHIP RGB Bypass mods fix a common problem of blurry video signals in the console. Specifically made for the Super Famicom and SNES released in 1995, these mods target the two video chips, 1CHIP and 2CHIP. The SNES 2CHIP Edge Enhancer mod was created by modder Voultar, who examined the SNES’ DAC internally to understand its construction and video sharpness issues. This simple 5-wire install mod can easily be soldered onto the main board. Though the availability isn’t confirmed yet, Voultar anticipates it to cost around $100 USD when it’s available.



This isn’t a boosted low-pass filter that will ‘sharpen’ the video. I don’t like that, and let me explain why. For starters, it’s bandwidth limited and the sharpening performance is predicated on the type of video content that the SNES’ PPU is rendering. I decided not to make something that was going to perform badly or even oscillate depending on what sort of game’s played,” said Voultar.


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