GBA ‘Mega Man Mania’ Collection Is Being Brought Back To Life By Fans, Two Decades After Its Cancellation

Mega Man Mania

Fans of the Mega Man series in 2004 were excited about the announcement of Mega Man Mania for the GBA, as it offered a modern-day collection of the classic Game Boy Mega Man games. The plan was to enhance these five games with color and bonus content to launch alongside the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Despite initial advertising, the project was unfortunately canceled. However, there is hope among fans that the idea may be revived in the future.


Mega Man Mania, according to @marc_robledo, is a fan initiative to revamp and add color to the original five Game Boy Mega Man games, with plans to eventually create a compilation for the GBA. The focus is on bringing new life to these classic games for fans to enjoy once again.



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