Get Your Hands on New Silent Hill Tees Featuring Heather Mason and Princess Heart

Fangamer Japan recently launched two new T-shirts in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment‘s “Silent Hill” series on April 25th. Priced at 3,800 yen each, these shirts are now available for purchase on Fangamer‘s website. The merchandise, inspired by the 2003 game “Silent Hill 3,” showcases designs featuring the protagonist Heather Mason and her transformation into the magical girl alter ego “Princess Heart,” utilizing special items.


The latest “SILENT HILL” series merchandise features two T-shirts designed by illustrator Nina Matsumoto, made of 100% cotton. The “Go to Hell T-shirt” showcases Heather Mason with the phrase “I’d rather go to hell” incorporated into the graphic, while the “If Looks Could Kill T-shirt” depicts Princess Heart, a magical girl, with her name as part of the design. These T-shirts aim to integrate the thrill of the psychological horror game into fashion, offering fans a unique way to showcase their love for the game.

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