Here Are 5 Recommended PS1 Multiplayer Games From Our Collection

Although these may not rank as the top Multiplayer games on the PS1, they are titles that we found highly enjoyable and have fond memories of, particularly when playing with friends.


Quake II


Quake II, a popular PC game, is available on PlayStation. While some may have already played the single-player mode extensively on PC, the PlayStation version still offers an enjoyable experience despite some flaws. The game follows a typical storyline where a space marine battles hostile aliens on the planet of Stroggos. Players collect weapons like shotguns and grenade launchers to defeat alien monsters and progress through levels. The controls suit the Dual Shock controller well, providing smooth gameplay. Graphically, the PlayStation version holds up nicely, though it has more frequent loading times compared to the PC version. The multiplayer mode shines on Quake II for PlayStation, offering modes like deathmatch and team deathmatch, along with customizable options such as adjusting gravity levels. Overall, Quake II on PlayStation delivers a solid gaming experience, particularly in its multiplayer mode.


Herc’s Adventure


Herc’s Adventures on PlayStation provides a unique and witty twist on the ancient Greek mythological backdrop, setting itself apart from Disney’s Hercules Action Game from the same era. Players can select from three characters to embark on a quest to rescue the goddess Persephone from Hades. The game offers RPG-lite gameplay reminiscent of Legend of Zelda titles, with each character possessing special abilities and diverse approaches to overcoming challenges. The cooperative mode enables two players to join forces for added enjoyment. Herc’s Adventures outshines the Disney game with its clever humor, pun-laden dialogues, and polished graphics, delivering a richer and novel gaming experience that distinguishes it in the 2D game sphere.




Vigilante 8



Future COP L.A.P.D



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