New Game Studio Midsummer Studios Founded By Former Developers of XCOM And The Sims To Create Cutting-Edge Life Simulation Game

Midsummer Studios

Midsummer Studios, a new game development studio based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, has been founded by a team of experienced developers known for creating popular games like Sid Meier’s Civilization, XCOM, and The Sims. Led by creative director Jake Solomon, game director Will Miller, and COO/CFO Nelsie Birch, the studio has garnered an initial funding of $6 million from major investors such as Transcend Fund, Tirta Ventures, and KRAFTON.


Their upcoming life simulation game is designed to prioritize player-driven narratives, enabling communities to create and share memorable moments through their creativity. CEO Jake Solomon believes in empowering players to craft meaningful stories within the game and share them with others. Transcend founding partner Shanti Bergel, who worked on The Sims in the past, has joined the board to support Midsummer Studios in redefining the life simulation genre. The studio has also attracted top talent like executive producer Grant Rodiek, who has extensive experience working on The Sims franchise. For more information about Midsummer Studios, visit their official website.

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