Sting Announces Remastered Dokapon: Sword of Fury For Nintendo Switch

Sting has announced the remastered version of the classic 1998 PlayStation game, Dokapon: Sword of Fury, for the Nintendo Switch. Priced at 4,620 yen and set to release on August 1 in Japan, the game promises to offer a refreshed gaming experience. With enhanced illustrations, 3D graphics, and the option to switch back to the original pixel art style, players can enjoy the nostalgia of the original while experiencing a modernized look.


The game focuses on outsmarting friends to become the wealthiest tycoon, through board game-style gameplay where strategic decisions are crucial. A rock-paper-scissors battle system adds an element of excitement, while multiplayer and online matches allow for gameplay with friends near and far. The addition of a high-speed function and customizable settings like “Secret Sauce” further enhance the gaming experience, catering to both new and longtime fans of the Dokapon series. For more information, interested players can visit the official website for screenshots and details.

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