The Dreamcast Version Of Dead Or Alive 2 Gets Unofficial Remaster

Dead or Alive is a series closely associated with Sega hardware, with the original arcade game running on Sega’s Model 2 arcade board and receiving its first domestic port on the Sega Saturn.


The sequel also utilized Sega hardware in the arcades, running on the NAOMI board and easily ported to the Dreamcast. Upon its release on the Dreamcast in 2000, Dead or Alive 2 was considered a system seller for the 128-bit console, showcasing impressive power and even outperforming the rushed PS2 version.



Presently, modder Esppiral V is working on a remaster of the game for the Dreamcast, featuring improved textures, faces, stage geometry, floors, environmental effects, and additional levels not originally available. The mod can be played on original hardware, though it is optimal when played through emulation.



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