10 Mario Kart Clones That You Need To Play

Here are “10 Must-Play Mario Kart Clones to Quench Your Need for Speed.” These are the gems my buddies and I couldn’t get enough of and, trust me, they’re still awesome for some co-op fun.

Toy Story Racer


Those who hold a fondness for the past can revisit cherished characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Rex in “Toy Story Racer” on PS1 and GBC. Dropped in 2001, the PlayStation edition offers a fuller experience with added tracks and 13 gameplay styles. Be aware though, multiplayer is capped at two players.

SuperTuxKart Is An Open-Source Mario Kart


SuperTuxKart is a free, open-source kart racing game that is unique because you can make your own characters, tracks, and arenas. It’s different from usual racing games because it has its own story where you help Tux the penguin beat the bad dragon Nolok. Besides the adventure, you can race against the computer, friends, play soccer, try to beat the clock, and do other fun activities. The game includes characters from famous open-source projects, like Tux from Linux. SuperTuxKart provides lots of fun without annoying extra costs which are usual in other free games. Plus, there are free tools that let you do some coding and 3D modeling to make the game even cooler.

CTR: Crash Team Racing


Crash Team Racing is a creative kart racing game that offers focused gameplay with an exciting Adventure Mode for lots of fun. You pick up items and use weapons while racing, and you have to do slide moves to fill your Turbo Boost Meter. Time your boost right, and you’ll zoom ahead of others. The game has more than just racing — there’s a story in Adventure Mode and Time Trials to show how well you know the tracks. Characters in the game have different skills, which means you can find your favorite to play with. This game is a well-loved classic in kart racing, still enjoyable after being remastered for fans of the style.

Mega Man Battle and Chase

An exclusive release in Japan and Europe for the PS1, this Mega Man spinoff eventually landed in the U.S. nearly ten years later within the Mega Man X Collection. It distinguishes itself from typical racers by incorporating Mega Man-specific mechanics and featuring characters from the series, each equipped with powers reflecting their original roles. Notably, it includes a racetrack map similar to that in Super Mario Kart, offering navigation at the cost of screen real estate. Although more compact and less challenging, it maintains the classic Mega Man vibe and delivers a novel twist on racing games.

Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing shines among similar games with its captivating story and smooth racing mechanics. It takes place in the charming Chocobo Dungeon universe, turning serious characters into child-friendly avatars. Offering Story, Versus, Grand Prix, Relay, and Time Attack modes, the game caters to various preferences. Strategically using powers and spells is key to winning, giving the game a unique strategic twist. The story mode pulls players into the plot and allows for character growth, while enjoyable music, responsive controls, and varied tracks make the experience even better. Even with older PSX graphics, Chocobo Racing is still a fan favorite due to its solid gameplay and engaging controls, making it a standout choice for classic game enthusiasts.

Diddy Kong Racing


Diddy Kong Racing, a racing game that intrigued me as a child, cleverly combined elements from Mario Kart 64 with innovative features like different vehicles and the ability to play as characters like Banjo and Conker. The game’s quirky narrative involves racing against the malevolent wizard pig Wizpig to save Timber’s Island, with players needing to win races and collect golden balloons to progress through the game’s five worlds. Each world features boss races and challenges, culminating in a final showdown with Wizpig. The single-player mode design, reminiscent of Mario 64, offers adventure in exploring the world, uncovering hidden areas, and collecting silver coins for additional challenges. The game’s variety in vehicles and stages enhances replay value and enjoyment, making it a standout racing game from my childhood experiences.

Konami Krazy Racers


Konami Krazy Racers is a kart racing game that stands out among its competitors. Despite featuring lesser-known characters, such as the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid, the game is still enjoyable. It was released for the GBA before Mario Kart: Super Circuit, sparking debate over who truly innovated the genre. The game’s intro tune is catchy and adds to the overall charm of the game. It’s surprising that other major companies like Bandai Namco or Capcom haven’t explored this genre, given the success of Konami Krazy Racers.

Pac-Man World Rally


“Pac-Man World Rally,” a 2006 game for PS2, GameCube, and PSP, features characters from the 80s Pac-Man series and other Namco arcade classics. You can race with up to four players on the GameCube but only two on the PS2’s split-screen. It includes four racing and five battle modes, each with unique objectives. It’s an enjoyable experience!

Looney Tunes: Space Race


Looney Tunes: Space Race is a racing video game that draws inspiration from the popular “Mario Kart” series, featuring characters from the beloved Looney Tunes franchise and vibrant graphics. The game stands out for its animated-style visuals and three-dimensional racetracks, although some items on the courses may seem out of place. The sound elements are decent but not exceptional. One notable drawback is the absence of certain iconic characters and a lack of diversity in the abilities of the available characters. Despite these shortcomings, the game still offers some appeal for players. However, technical issues and a limited selection of characters may hinder the overall enjoyment of the game.

Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour


In 2000, Disney decided to make a game about their theme park instead of using characters from big movies like Aladdin, Mulan, or Hercules. Even though it didn’t have famous characters, the game had exciting levels that were like rides from the park, like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, that still felt like the fun Disney world. Crystal Dynamics, who are known for making the Soul Reaver games, created this game. They also made a Disney game about 102 Dalmatians later on.

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