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The SNES, short for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was a total game-changer for Nintendo, really putting them on the map in the early console days. This little machine was where you could find all the legendary games and series that blew up, like Super Mario World, F-Zero, and Super Metroid.

But hey, the SNES wasn’t just a flash in the pan; it stuck around for quite a while and racked up an insanely diverse collection of games. Because of that, there are a handful of ultra-rare titles hidden in its library that are like finding treasure in the gaming world.


Hagane: The Final Conflict


Hagane: The Final Conflict / Hagane (鋼)


Hagane is a SNES game developed by CAProduction, known for its unique gameplay and design elements. Drawing inspiration from Shinobi III for the Genesis, the game features a mix of traditional Japanese ninja and samurai themes with a futuristic setting. Players control a character powered by Japanese mysticism, armed with four different weapons and a screen-clearing magical spell. The gameplay pays homage to Shinobi III, Capcom’s Strider, and Irem’s Ninja Spirit, offering a variety of combat options. However, the game’s controls can be frustrating, with some mechanics feeling underutilized and difficult to execute efficiently. Despite some flaws in level design and difficulty spikes, Hagane offers inventive setpieces and challenging boss fights. While not reaching the level of ninja action classics, the game is still enjoyable for those willing to navigate its idiosyncrasies. Due to its limited release and low sales, Hagane has become a sought-after and expensive title among collectors.


Aero Fighters


Aero Fighters  (ソニックウィングス )


Aero Fighters was originally an arcade game that was later ported to the SNES in 1993. Serving as a spiritual successor to the “Turbo Force” series, it features similar gameplay elements. Players control multiple pairs of fighters from various nations in a vertical scrolling shoot ’em up (SHMUP) game, completing a range of missions. However, the SNES port received criticism for performance issues and inferior graphics compared to other titles on the platform. Despite being a rare game, “Aero Fighters” may not be the most sought-after or valuable release due to the genre’s limited popularity in the U.S. in comparison to Japan.


Mega Man X3


Mega Man X3 (ロックマンX3)


Mega Man X3 is a rare SNES game released in 1995 as part of the popular “Mega Man” series. It follows the story of futuristic humans living alongside sapient robots, with the plot focusing on characters X and Zero battling against a scientist creating an army of evil robots. The game utilizes the Cx4 chip for graphic enhancements, similar to the Super FX chip used in “Star Fox,” allowing for 3D graphics on the SNES. Due to the chip’s inclusion, manufacturing the game was more expensive, leading Capcom to produce it in limited quantities to ensure cost efficiency. This scarcity has contributed to the increased price of “Mega Man X3” among collectors.


Pocky & Rocky 2


Pocky & Rocky 2 (奇々怪界 月夜草子)


Pocky & Rocky 2 offers a sequel experience with more stages, characters, and mechanics while retaining the core gameplay that made the series successful. The game follows Pocky and her team as they aim to stop Impy from kidnapping Princess Luna during the harvest festival, delving deeper into Japanese folklore and traditions. The localization of the game lacks consistency and alters some elements from the original Japanese version. Gameplay includes new features like partner attacks and magic abilities, enhancing the single-player experience but detracting from the co-op mode. Despite some issues with co-op gameplay and level design, Pocky & Rocky 2 stands out as one of the best run-and-gun games of the 16-bit era, offering engaging action, top-notch visuals and music, and creative gameplay mechanics that set it apart from others in the genre.


Final Fight Guy


Final Fight Guy ( ファイナルファイト ガイ )


Mayor Haggar’s daughter Jessica is kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang, leading to a familiar storyline for fans of Final Fight. The gang uses Jessica as leverage to get what they want, prompting Haggar to take action. With Jessica’s boyfriend Cody unavailable, Guy steps in to help. While the graphics are good for the time of its release, they lack the flair of Final Fight. The in-game details are still present, with some animation hiccups common in SNES arcade translations. Sound and music remain the same, with standard effects and atmospheric music. However, the gameplay offers nothing new, making this re-release feel repetitive. While the game was not widely released in the U.S., players may not miss much as it doesn’t offer significant changes from the original Final Fight. Overall, the game maintains a high rating due to its association with the successful franchise.




Casper (キャスパー)


Video games often struggle to translate into successful films, but tie-in games based on movies can sometimes be more enjoyable. Casper, released in 1995, is an example of a game that surpassed expectations. The game follows the story of the friendly ghost Casper trying to make friends with the new residents of Whipstaff Manor, Dr. James Harvey and his daughter Kat. The player’s goal is to assemble The Lazarus machine, created by Casper’s father to bring him back to life, while evading meddling uncles who drain his ghostly energy. The game is known for its tough puzzles, requiring players to collect keys and morph into different household objects to progress. The lack of hand-holding and reliance on player’s patience and memory make it a challenging but rewarding experience. Despite its old-school top-down perspective and dated gameplay mechanics, Casper remains a nostalgic favorite for many gamers, offering a unique and engaging puzzle adventure worth revisiting.


Wild Guns


Wild Guns (ワイルドガンズ)


The game Wild Guns has a strong influence on the film Wild Wild West through their shared themes of cowboys and steampunk. Taking inspiration from shooters like Cabal and Blood Brothers, players control Clint or Annie in a two-player co-op mode, navigating through levels while shooting enemies with a movable crosshair. The game requires quick reflexes and strategic use of power-ups like machine guns and grenades. Each level culminates in a boss battle, challenging players to survive and defeat enemies before the timer runs out. Wild Guns is praised for its fast-paced gameplay, detailed visuals, and enjoyable co-op experience, making it a standout title on the Virtual Console.






Hurricanes is a 1994 video game for the SNES and Sega Genesis that is based on a popular 90s animated TV show. The game follows the Hurricanes, a talented soccer team in the World Soccer League, who constantly face challenges from the Gorgons, led by the deceitful Stavros Garkos. In the game, Stavros sabotages the Hurricanes’ journey to an island match, allowing his team to win by default. Players can choose to control either Cal Casey or Napper Thompson, using their soccer skills to battle creatures and rival team members in a series of 2D side-scrolling levels. With a two-player mode available, gamers can team up to navigate through obstacles and foes to help the Hurricanes emerge victorious.






Incantation, released late in the Super NES’s lifetime in 1996, failed to make a significant impact due to various shortcomings. While the graphics were a standout feature, resembling those of the game Rayman with intricate details in forests, mountains, and caves, they became repetitive over time. The sound was forgettable, with annoying themes and minimal sound effects. Control issues, such as momentum factor and awkward button mapping, hindered gameplay, making it frustrating for players. The story and atmosphere were generic, lacking depth and originality, resembling a subpar Mega Man clone. The gameplay, resembling Mega Man, lacked challenge and excitement, with bosses having predictable patterns and repetitive levels. Overall, Incantation fell short in providing a fun and engaging gaming experience, ultimately failing to leave a lasting impression on players.




Earthbound ( MOTHER2 ギーグの逆襲 )


Earthbound, also known as Mother in Japan, is a renowned franchise on the SNES and is considered one of the best RPGs ever made. The series had a limited release outside of Japan, with only the original Earthbound game having an official translation available. Despite its limited release, Earthbound has gained popularity over the years, partly due to its inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. As more people discover the game, original copies have become highly sought after, with sealed cartridges costing collectors a significant amount of money. Its unique and beloved gameplay has solidified Earthbound’s reputation as a classic in the gaming world.


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In wrapping up our nostalgia-fueled journey through the cherished realm of SNES classics, it’s unmistakable that each of these top-notch titles from our collection holds a special place in the legacy of retro gaming. Whether navigating the mystical realm of “Hagane: The Final Conflict” or soaring through the skies in “Aero Fighters,” each game delivered a diversity of experiences that defined the 16-bit era. Games like “Mega Man X3” pushed technological boundaries, while “Pocky & Rocky 2” immersed us in enchanting folklore, and “Final Fight Guy” delivered hard-hitting arcade action right to our living rooms. “Casper” surprised us with its smart, puzzle-centric gameplay, proving that even movie-based games could shine on this classic console. It’s clear that these treasured games were not just a pastime but a formative piece of many gamers’ lives, and they continue to be celebrated, collected, and enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world. As we turn off our SNES systems and step back into the present, we are reminded of the timeless joy and innovation that these top 10 games brought into our hearts and homes.

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