A Plushie Toy Resembling The Dolphin Named Kairu, Which Disappeared Previously, Will Be Released As a Capsule Toy In July



Amuse Inc. has announced the release of the capsule toy “The Dolphin That Was Erased Back Then” in July 2024. Priced at 300 yen, it will come in a variety of colors, including the familiar blue as well as pink, orange, yellow, and 



While not explicitly stated, this product is reminiscent of the dolphin from the past Windows OS help feature. It brings to life the famous meme where users would ask the dolphin itself how to hide it, symbolizing the search for a way to 

turn off the help feature.





The original dolphin was named Kairu and was part of the Office 97 help feature, where it was set as the default Office Assistant in the Japanese version. With the arrival of Office 2000, the character’s presence was enhanced through animation. However, by XP, it was set to be hidden by default due to waning popularity, and it was ultimately discontinued in Office 2007.


Kairu has left a lasting impression on users from that era and tech enthusiasts alike. In 2023, a macro called “Kairu GPT,” which operates on Excel using Chat-GPT, was released on the well-known blog “Practical Macros with VBA” at VBAで実用マクロ, proving that Kairu lives on in the memories of many.



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