Abiotic Factor Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews on Steam for Its Retro Survival Theme

Abiotic Factor is an open-world survival game developed by Deep Field Games, released for early access on Steam to a 98% positive reviews. Players assume the role of a new doctoral employee at the “GATE” research facility, thrust into a chaotic world following a containment failure. The game, reminiscent of “Half-Life,” sees players battling monsters from other dimensions and the ruthless military group, “The Order,” in an underground facility. Survival is key as players navigate the dangerous environment, fighting off threats and uncovering the mysteries of the facility.


The game supports up to 6-player online, where each player can choose their starting profession affecting initial abilities. However, players can still learn various skills through upgrades later on, providing an immersive experience for solo players as well. A key feature of the game is the ability to dismantle and collect almost all objects, using materials and research recipes to unlock technologies or equipment. Players can also consume monster meat (and then vomit it out) or conduct culinary research.




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