AI Transforms ‘The Simpsons’ into a Retro 50s Series Filmed Using Super Panavision 70

YouTuber DemonFlyingFox utilized AI to reimagine the popular television show ‘The Simpsons‘ as if it were produced in the 1950s. The AI technology was used to recreate the show’s characters and setting with a retro aesthetic. Additionally, the footage was captured using a Super Panavision 70 camera, which is known for producing films with high-quality resolution and using Panavision’s 70mm spherical lenses. This combination of retro styling and advanced filming techniques created a unique and visually striking reinterpretation of ‘The Simpsons‘.



AI may soon be able to create full TV shows, possibly within the next six months with the popularity of OpenAI’s project Sora. It is important not to confuse Ultra Panavision 70 with Super Panavision 70, as they are not the same. Ultra Panavision 70 is a rare format that has only been used in a few films since 1957.

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