Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator: A Cinematic 2.5D Adventure Game

Adventure Works has unveiled Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator, a cinematic 2.5D puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from 80s adventure films. The game will be available on unspecified consoles and PC via Steam. A release date has not been disclosed.


Here is a summary of the game as depicted on its Steam page:




Get ready to immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator, a thrilling story-driven, cinematic 2.5D puzzle platformer inspired by the breakneck fun of 80s adventure flicks. Jump into a time travelling treasure hunt for a magical tiara! In this history spanning story, you’ll adventure your way through environments packed with wonder (but also peril!) and solve puzzles along the way.


Professor Lionel Raventhorpe has just finished building an elevator time machine to travel back to important events in the past and retrieve a priceless, magical tiara that has been lost to history. You see, he thinks by offering this to the love of his life, she’ll finally fall for him. A lovesick fool’s errand, but he’s determined to find the tiara at any cost. In order to pull off this harebrained scheme, he’s going to need a lot of help. That’s where you come in!


You’ll play as Ari Buktu, a high school student with a heart of gold who wants nothing more than to get back home. Climb and explore ancient ruins, solve mystical puzzles, and escape near certain death at the hands of pirates, tomb raiders, and endless other threats, punctuated with cutscenes that call back to the visual gags and humor of classic adventure films.


Through the twists and turns of the plot you’ll pick up new skills and tools on the way! Supplement your running and jumping with wall climbing and grapple hook swinging. Solve puzzles and use parts of the environment to your advantage in your pursuit of the tiara. Every level gives you new challenges to face—one moment you’re breaking into a Mayan princess’s private chambers, and the next you’re on a rollercoaster minecart ride through a crumbling Egyptian temple moments before it caves in! Every challenge completed will unearth clues that point to where the ancient tiara might be hiding in the cracks of history.

With Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator you never know WHEN you’ll go next.



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