Celebrate Final Fantasy VI’s 30th with Exclusive Pixel Remaster Downloads and Square Enix Cafe Event


To honor “Final Fantasy VI’s” 30th anniversary, Square Enix has launched a collection of downloadable items featuring original designs, like calendars and book covers, through the “Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster” series. These celebratory items are accessible across various devices such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and both iOS and Android platforms. This allows enthusiasts to integrate a touch of “Final Fantasy” into their daily routine. Additionally, a unique café collaboration will take place at the Square Enix Cafe during the upcoming summer, with details on the event’s specifics to follow. Fans can also visit the Digital Content Plaza to find an array of “FF Pixel Remaster” digital content, including calendars and book covers, to download and use in rea life.



famitsu.com / Square Enix
famitsu.com / Square Enix
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