Collaboration Product Between The “OWNDAYS” Eyewear Brand And “Mobile Suit Gundam” is Now Released

Owndays Gundam

The 5th collaboration product between the “OWNDAYS” eyewear brand and “Mobile Suit Gundam” is now released, featuring a lineup that celebrates the Principality of Zeo-n. The Zeon Military Eyeglasses collection draws inspiration from ace pilot Char Aznable, with colors reflecting his achievements and the uniforms of Zeon soldiers. Meanwhile, the Zeon Military Sunglasses come in colors inspired by the ZAKU II mobile suit, including Char’s custom Zaku and the mass-production type Zaku.


Both eyewear collections include a collaboration-exclusive case featuring the emblem of the Principality of Zeon. Additionally, a Zaku Head Case, the largest scale ever released at 1/7 scale, is available, with a unique mechanism to store up to four glasses and a movable mono-eye characteristic of Zeon mobile suits.



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