Cosmo Knight ZiON: The Latest Game Boy Color Adventure, Channeling the Spirit of Saint Seiya!

Zeichi Games, a Mexican game studio, has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest creation, “Cosmo Knight ZiON,” for Game Boy Color. The game promises an action-packed adventure where players take on the role of ZiON, a courageous hero equipped with cosmic armor by Cosmodroid Zack, who aims to conquer Earth.


Drawing inspiration from “Saint Seiya,” Zeichi aims to deliver a visually stunning game pushing the Game Boy Color‘s limits, accompanied by an immersive soundtrack. The game features five expansive stages with intricate levels and challenging bosses, along with power-ups, secret paths, and collectibles for additional depth. Zeichi is seeking to raise 500,000 Mexican Pesos (approximately $30,000 USD) to bring this interstellar vision to life.

Credit: Zeichi



We expect the game to come out in 2024.

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