Embracer Group is splitting into three separate companies

Embracer is set to conclude its restructuring agenda by effectively “vanishing.” The Swedish conglomerate has declared plans to fragment into three independent divisions through a recent press release.


The first division, Asmodee Group, will concentrate on releasing and distributing video games derived from board games. Following this, Coffee Stain & Friends will be focused on producing a range of independent, AA, and free-to-play games across various platforms. Lastly, the division named Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends will be responsible for managing high-budget AAA game titles, including the franchises of “Tomb Raider” and “The Lord of the Rings.”


On the financial market, the Embracer Group name will be succeeded by Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends. Additionally, ownership stakes in Asmodee Group and Coffee Stain & Friends will be handed to investors as dividend shares. Meanwhile, Embracer‘s CEO Lars Wingefors is set to lead a new corporation that will encompass all of the existing Embracer assets.

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