Foreign Driver In Go-Kart Crashes Into Taxi In Tokyo After Disregarding Traffic Sign

A recent go-kart tour accident in Tokyo has brought to light the hazards of driving on unfamiliar roads. These tours, popular among international tourists, faced a setback during the pandemic but have now resumed with the return of foreign visitors. However, the presence of these go-karts on the streets has sparked annoyance among many Tokyo residents and drivers. The Metropolitan Police Department has received numerous complaints about the go-karts, citing accidents, noise disturbances, and traffic violations. The careless attitude of many go-kart riders towards road regulations was exposed in a recent incident on June 4, where a foreign go-kart collided with a taxi on Hibiya-dori Ave in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. The accident occurred as the go-kart failed to stop at a stop sign and crashed into the taxi on the three-lane road, highlighting the dangers of not adhering to road safety measures while driving on unfamiliar streets.



SourceFNN via Hachima Kikou

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