Former Nintendo World Champion in the 1990s Jeff Hansen Reunites with Nintendo After 30 Years

Nintendo Former Champion

The recent announcement of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition for the Switch brought a pleasant surprise with the inclusion of Jeff Hansen in the game’s trailer. Hansen, a former Nintendo World Champion in the 1990s, is known for defeating Japan’s top Nintendo player at the time and being the first non-Nintendo player to complete Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy. After stepping away from competitive gaming, Hansen was featured in a documentary by Nintendo Life. His return to the Nintendo community for the Championships was a heartwarming moment, as he shared his experience of being invited by Nintendo and meeting other previous contestants. The camaraderie and shared experiences with fellow gamers made the event a truly enjoyable experience for Hansen.



Hansen notes that Nintendo in 2024 has undergone significant changes since his childhood involvement with the company. While previously he interacted with Golin Harris employees handling Nintendo’s marketing in the 90s, Nintendo has since invested in building its own internal marketing team responsible for creating content like Nintendo Direct and promotional materials for their games. During a recent meeting with Nintendo employees, Hansen was impressed by their deep understanding of Nintendo culture, surpassing his own knowledge. These employees are directly involved in content production, including gameplay recordings for commercials. Hansen anticipates playing the final version of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition after enjoying a few hours with the game. While he feels he may need more practice to compete against younger players, he looks forward to acquiring the collector’s set for a Nintendo World Championships experience in the style of Mario Party. Reflecting on the evolution of professional gaming, Hansen acknowledges the drastic changes in the landscape with a significantly larger fan base attending gaming events and global live streaming capabilities intensifying the pressure on competitors.

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