Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness Joins Project EGG on Nintendo Switch

Hydlide II PC-8801 Console


Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness, a PC-88 RPG, will be joining the Project EGG lineup on the Nintendo Switch. This announcement has been made public. In Hydlide II for the PC-8801 console, players take on the role of a chosen hero tasked with sealing away an evil presence threatening Fairy Land. Released in 1985 by T&E Soft, this action RPG builds upon the original game’s body-impact attack system, introducing new spells like FIRE, ICE, WAVE, and JUMP, as well as a conscience parameter that adds elements of morality to the gameplay.


The game features an expanded field map six times larger than its predecessor, along with new features such as information-gathering conversations, shopping, character development, and a focus on active RPG gameplay where players must engage in battle using a collision-based combat system. By defeating monsters, players earn experience points to level up and increase their strength, while resting on flat terrain allows the character to recover health automatically. With these improvements and additions, Hydlide II offers an immersive and challenging adventure for players to enjoy.

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