Jester Will Be Getting New Physical Editions For NES and SNES

Mega Cat Studios and CollectorVision Games have partnered to bring forth a physical release of Jester for the NES and SNES gaming consoles.


This game serves as a tribute to Le Fou du Roi (King’s Jester), which was one of the captivating games that could be experienced on the Vidéoway cable TV system during the 1990s. Vidéoway, an interactive cable TV platform, was exclusively available in Canada from 1990 to 2006.


This is a footage from Vidéoway:



Jester rejuvenates the foundational idea of the Vidéoway version and modernizes it. It is hailed as “a classic style maze chaser” that encapsulates “the essence of playful mischief and strategic wit.”


Megacat is famous for its special physical releases, and Jester will have a distinct cartridge design for this launch. Additionally, there is a regular version and an SNES port available.



Jean-Francois Dupuis, one of the Co-Owners of CollectorVision Games, expressed the following statement:


We’re thrilled to share JESTER with fellow joker enthusiasts who appreciate the art of retro gaming. It’s our playful ode to the classics, embodying the essence of the Videoway era in every pixel

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