Xbox 360 Online Store Faces Challenges Prior to July 2024 Shutdown

Microsoft has announced the impending closure of the Xbox 360 online store, scheduled for July 29th, 2024. This announcement has prompted many users to dust off their aging consoles in a race to secure their desired digital content. Nevertheless, a recent video from Randomised Gaming reveals that the 360’s digital store is currently plagued with numerous issues.

Navigating the online store presents several challenges, including the unavailability of certain games due to delisting, the inability to re-download owned games, and discrepancies in download history. Furthermore, users have reported difficulties accessing previously purchased content and encountering issues with booting up downloaded games. This state of affairs paints a clear picture of the store’s disarray.

While it may be unrealistic to expect a 19-year-old console’s digital store to operate seamlessly, it is crucial for individuals to approach the situation with caution. This serves as a solemn reminder that not all Xbox 360 content may be readily accessible prior to the store’s full closure.

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