KOTOR Remake Update: Saber Interactive CEO Confirms It’s Still On Track and Thriving

The highly anticipated remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is certainly shrouded in mystery. First announced back in 2021, this much-desired project has been passed from one developer to another and has experienced what seems like several pauses and restarts in its six-year development journey without coming to fruition. Yet, we now have a substantial update on its progress. Saber Interactive is still dedicated to bringing it to life, and the CEO has shared that the project is thriving.

In a conversation with IGN today, Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, assured fans that the company has retained the remake of KOTOR following its separation from Embracer Group. He confirmed ongoing development efforts for the game.

“It’s clear and it’s obivous that we’re working on this,” he said. “It’s been in the press numerous times. What I will say is that the game is alive and well, and we’re dedicated to making sure we exceed consumer expectations.”



Karch remained tight-lipped on specifics, however during a conference call with investors following the news about Saber stepping away, Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer, hinted that the launch of the KOTOR remake might not be on the horizon quite yet. This highly anticipated game has had its share of ups and downs — it was originally revealed back in 2021 following three years of development at Aspyr but hit a standstill due to developmental challenges and was put on hold. Since then, Saber Interactive has picked up the project, giving fans a glimmer of hope. Yet, there haven’t been many official communications recently about its progress.


Source: IGN

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