New Red Comet-Themed Olfa Cutters Inspired By Char Aznable From “Mobile Suit Gundam” Are Now For Sale

Sun-Star Stationery Shop has released the “Mobile Suit Gundam Cutter Knife Char Edition 2,” inspired by Char Aznable from the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam.Char Aznable, also known as the “Red Comet,” is a well-liked character from the series that first aired in 1979. This special edition cutter knife, produced by Olfa Corporation, is designed to resemble Char Aznable with its deep metallic red finish, reminiscent of his custom mobile suit. The knife also features a special dual-layer coating that gives it a glossy and luxurious appearance.


The back of the item is printed with Char’s emblem and unit number “A12” to highlight Char’s identity, while the grip plate is inscribed with “CHAR AZNABLE” to further emphasize his presence. The main body of the item follows Olfa Corporation’sLimited NL” design, making it a popular choice in the “Limited Series” collection.


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