OriginX Wall-Mounted Arcade Cabinet Takes Its Design from the Classic Pong Machine

Love Hulten’s OriginX is a wall-mounted arcade cabinet inspired by the 1972 Pong machine. It features a modernized design with a Raspberry Pi 4, enabling it to play classic games from consoles like the SNES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, and more.


The machine being described is a custom-made arcade cabinet with a 19-inch screen and a 4:3 aspect ratio. It comes equipped with built-in stereo speakers, a volume control, and a USB port for game uploads. Customers have the option to choose from different colors for their unit. However, the main drawback is its high price tag, starting at $4,799 USD before shipping or any custom options. In comparison, Arcade1Up cabinets are much more affordable, typically costing under $500, but they do not offer support for additional games.


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