Perfect Dark Reboot Revealed Trailer in Xbox Games Showcase 2024

perfect dark reboot

The first gameplay trailer for the Perfect Dark reboot game was revealed by Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative at the Xbox Game Showcase 2024. The game stays true to the original first two titles but introduces a new narrative and universe, offering a fresh take on the beloved franchise. The new Perfect Dark game follows protagonist Joanna Dark as she goes on a mission to pursue antagonist Daniel Carrington. The trailer shows action set in near-future Cairo, highlighting the range of tools available to Joanna. Players can choose between lethal and non-lethal approaches in combat, allowing for different tactics to take down enemies quietly or through intense confrontations.



The Perfect Dark reboot, a collaboration between Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative, was announced in December 2020. This recent update, after nearly four years, is the first substantial news since the game’s unveiling. The game is currently in development for Xbox Series X and S, and it will be included in the Game Pass lineup upon release. However, specific details about the game’s launch date are still undisclosed.

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