Rare Hulk Xbox Console Donated to UK Charity Shop

A rare Xbox console inspired by Marvel’s 2003 Hulk movie was donated to a UK charity shop, valued at thousands of dollars. The British Heart Foundation is auctioning the console on eBay, with bidding already exceeding $2,300 and set to end on June 15, 2024. The charity expects to raise over $11,000 from the sale to support medical research on heart and circulatory diseases. Only 36 of these exclusive consoles were ever made, with around 20 still existing today. Although resembling a limited edition Mountain Dew-themed console released in the U.S., the Hulk edition is exceptionally rare. Paul Smith from the British Heart Foundation, an avid gamer, praised the console’s perfect condition and unique design featuring the Hulk and Pepsi logos, sure to make its future owner the envy of their friends.


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