Retro Gaming Compilation of April Fools’ Day 2024


April Fools Day 2024 COLOPL Mystic Wiz Kakuge 768x574 1


Get ready to unleash your power in the ultimate arcade mash-up, Spirit Fighter! Brought to life by the legendary Capcom—creators that redefined the fighting game genre—this electrifying 2D fighter game ignites the battleground by infusing the iconic cast from the enchanting Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz. Perfect for gamers of all ages seeking a fresh, engaging challenge, Spirit Fighter promises intense battles, spellbinding combos, and hours of gripping gameplay. Don’t be fooled by imitations; this April, step into the arena and dominate the leaderboard. Ready to become a legend? Prove it. Your journey to the summit of the Spirit Fighter world begins today. Visit the official website now and immerse yourself in a realm where only the strongest will thrive. Don’t miss out on this April’s most electrifying gaming experience; the battle awaits!



In an astonishing move that’s poised to take the skies by storm, Capcom is reinventing air travel with the launch of its Capcom-Made Helicopters. Known for their groundbreaking contributions to the gaming world, Capcom’s foray into aviation promises to integrate the same innovation and eye for detail into ensuring passengers enjoy a seamless and comfortable experience above the clouds. Keep your eyes peeled to the skies and stay tuned as Capcom charts a new course, potentially transforming the future of aviation.



In a surprising twist that’s sure to shake up the Sonic universe, the infamous Sonic Man, hailing from the much-talked-about 2006 ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ game, has been announced as the latest Sonic Ambassador for SEGA. This intriguing reveal comes just in time to spark lively debates among fans and players alike. While some may question the decision, SEGA’s move is undeniably a bold step in embracing all facets of Sonic’s storied legacy. Get the full scoop on Sonic Man’s unexpected role and what it means for the future of the franchise by diving into the exclusive interview—the details might just flip your expectations upside down.



As whispers transform into roaring excitement, brace yourself for a sensational throwback gaming experience with Tokyo Stories, a title that’s set to turn heads and dial back the clock exclusively for your CRT TV. Dust off the cathode-ray tube gem and step into a pixel-perfect adventure that defies modern game deployment norms. Whether you’re a retro enthusiast or a new admirer of vintage tech, this announcement is sending shockwaves across gaming forums and social feeds. But as the calendar marks April Fool’s Day, savvy gamers will take a moment and smirk, recognizing the playful jest in a world of 4K resolutions and widescreen displays. Tokyo Stories demands you keep your CRT at the ready.


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