‘Secret Of The Four Winds’, An Action RPG In The Style Of Shadowrun, Is A Sega CD Game Released On Cartridge

Kai Magazine Software, known for their homebrew and indie games on the Genesis / Mega Drive, is set to release their most ambitious 16-bit title yet, The Secret of the Four Winds. This action RPG takes inspiration from popular games like Final Fantasy, Snatcher, and Shadowrun, putting players in the shoes of a team of characters navigating a dark, contemporary setting. With stylish animated cut-scenes and intricately detailed environments, the game has demanded substantial development time, surpassing the duration spent on the studio’s previous works, Metal Dragon, Life on Mars, and Life on Earth, combined. The standout feature of The Secret of the Four Winds is its CD-quality soundtrack, made possible through custom hardware integrated within the cartridge.


The game cartridge for The Secret of the Four Winds includes a custom board with an audio enhancement chip, allowing players to enjoy Sega CD/Mega-CD quality music without needing the actual Sega CD/Mega-CD hardware. Players also have the option to switch to a more classic FM-style soundtrack if desired. It is important to note that this game is only compatible with Mk1 and Mk2 Mega Drive/Genesis models, as using it on a Genesis 3 will result in the absence of CD-quality audio. Additionally, players may need to disconnect their Sega CD during gameplay to ensure the CD audio functions properly. Pre-orders for The Secret of the Four Winds are now open, offering different regional versions for purchase as well as a collector’s edition with additional extras.




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