Super Polygon Grand Prix Is The Successor To Virtua Racing And Will Be Available On Steam

Super Polygon Grand Prix is a new retro racer developed by indie developer Rozz Games and is set to be released on Steam Early Access later this year. The game has garnered attention, particularly from fans of Sega’s Virtua Racing, due to a viral tweet from the game’s director expressing their excitement and nerves about the upcoming release. Developed over four years, Super Polygon Grand Prix promises to offer a nostalgic racing experience for fans of the genre.


Super Polygon Grand Prix is set to revive the excitement of 90s arcade racing, with players competing against 29 others to master the racing lines and emerge victorious. The game will debut in Early Access this Summer, initially offering an arcade-style experience and gradually adding new vehicles, tracks, modes (such as career and local multiplayer), and features like online leaderboards.


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