Switch Has A Lot Of ‘Zelda’ Games, Making It Nintendo’s Top Console

Zelda Games

Nintendo recently unveiled a new Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, set to launch on the Switch later this year. The game will feature the same art style as the popular 2019 remake, Link’s Awakening. Additionally, Nintendo announced the arrival of Zelda: Link to the Past & Four Swords to Nintendo Switch Online. With these new additions, the Switch is poised to be the top platform for playing Zelda games in 2024. Twitter user @forestminish highlighted that the Switch will soon offer a total of 18 Zelda titles, covering most mainline games with the exception of a few titles. This extensive lineup, which excludes spin-offs, reinforces the Switch’s status as a prime destination for experiencing some of the best video games ever created. This development could further establish the console as Nintendo’s flagship gaming platform.


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