Takaya Imamura’s Latest Creation Hits the Nintendo Switch in Japan This July

Former Nintendo staffer Takaya Imamura, who gained fame for his contributions to the Star Fox and F-Zero franchises, is on the brink of releasing his latest creation for the Switch, Omega 6: The Triangle Stars. Scheduled to debut in Japan on July 25, 2024, the game’s arrival is keenly anticipated (Courtesy of Video Games Chronicle).

City Connection is distributing the game in Japan, a detail confirmed during a live broadcast, marking Imamura’s first major project post his 2021 departure from Nintendo. Distinct from his earlier titles, Omega 6 showcases a retro 16-bit aesthetic alongside text-driven interaction, yet the character designs convey a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of Imamura’s previous games—as evident from the resemblance to Star Fox in the game’s packaging.


The launch is currently limited to Japan, and there are no plans for a release in the West or an English version as of now.


Nonetheless, this title has sparked interest and will undoubtedly be monitored closely over the next weeks and months. Earlier, Happymeal, the development team behind the game, shared news of their consultation with Nintendo’s Kenji Matsutani, aiming to infuse elements from 3D Zelda titles, including the acclaimed Breath of the Wild.



Even though it’s all in Japanese, you might wanna have a quick look at the livestream to peep some real-time game action and sneak a preview of the cool physical editions they’re whipping up for the game’s release in Japan.

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