Two Old Katamari Damacy Games That Were Missing Have Been Saved

Two classic Katamari Damacy games that were originally released for Japanese feature phones have been recently discovered and saved, as shared by RockmanCosmo on Twitter. These games, Katamari Damacy-Kun and its sequel Oi Katamari Damacy-Kun, were available on NTT DoCoMo’s i-Mode service and other Japanese feature phone platforms in the mid-to-late 2000s. Players take on the role of the prince from the main series, collecting various items in auto-scrolling stages to achieve high scores. Previously exclusive to Japan and never ported to other devices, these games could only be played by acquiring a feature phone from Japan.


However, a group of feature phone enthusiasts have managed to obtain and digitally preserve the i-Mode versions, making it possible for a new generation to enjoy them through emulation. To play these games, users are advised to use the DoJa 5.1 SDK emulator, with detailed instructions available in a Google Doc. Setting up Oi Katamari Damacy-Kun may be a bit more complex due to its specific launcher app and three “stage application” packs, requiring users to arrange the folders in a specific manner before launching the game, as highlighted by RockmanCosmo on Twitter.


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