A Dedicated JRPG Superfan Spent 340 Hours Saving Dragon Quest 7’s DLC Just Before Nintendo’s 3DS Server Shutdown

Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten 3DS


The remake of Dragon Quest 7 for the 3DS, titled ‘Fragments of the Forgotten Past,’ almost lost its downloadable content (DLC) forever due to the shutdown of the 3DS servers. Thankfully, a fan stepped in just in time to back up the DLC files.


Dragon Quest ‘ on the 3DS offers over 50 DLC tablets that players can find later in the game, along with three additional story tablets for the post-game. These tablets could only be accessed in a specific in-game location via an online download, but with the 3DS servers now offline since Monday, they are no longer obtainable officially. Nevertheless, a Dragon Quest fan named Gronya has captured their efforts to save the DLC of Dragon Quest 7 in a YouTube video.


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