Acquire Joining The KADOKAWA Group. Could This Mean A Revival For Popular Series like Tenchu And Way Of The Samurai ?

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Acquire, known for popular games like “Tenchu” and “Octopath Traveler,” recently became a wholly-owned subsidiary of KADOKAWA. The interview with Acquire’s president and key development members revealed that the company is still exploring its new position within the KADOKAWA Group. Fans are hopeful for remakes or new installments of beloved series like “Tenchu” and “Way of the Samurai,” especially with the potential for collaboration within the group. Acquire is open to feedback from users on social media and is eager to explore new opportunities for game development under KADOKAWA’s support. Key directors at Acquire, like Mr. Ohashi, bring years of experience and a passion for revitalizing the company’s classic titles.


Source Famitsu



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